Amanda Bynes leaves hospital, checks into celebrity-friendly rehab center

LOS ANGELES - Troubled star Amanda Bynes is finally out of the hospital and now in a Malibu rehab facility.

According to, the 27-year-old actress has been residing at The Canyon, which is a facility favored by celebrities who are fighting addictions and mental illness.

Sources close to Bynes say she has very little interaction with others at The Canyon and rarely leaves her living area. They also say she's no longer receiving the same level of care she had gotten used to, while in the psychiatric facilities at UCLA.

Just days ago, her DUI case was transferred to a mental-health court after a judge deemed her mentally unfit for trial.

The actress was forcibly admitted to a mental health facility in July following a series of alarming incidents, including setting a fire in the driveway of a home in Thousands Oaks, Calif.

Bynes was initially placed on involuntary psychiatric hold in Ventura, Calif. in July before being moved to UCLA Medical Center last month.

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