JELLYBEANVILLE pays tribute to Eggshelland

East side traditions for Easter season

EUCLID, Ohio - As one east side tradition ends its run, another pays tribute to it.

Steve Kaselak has been putting up Easter decorations in Euclid since he was a boy, some 50 years. This year he added a special area to his JELLYBEANVILLE to honor his friend, Ron Manolio of Eggshelland.

Eggshelland in Lyndhurst has put up its final display following the death of its creator. Manolio died last year and his family put up a display of the colorfully painted eggshells one last time.

"The day after Easter, I'd stop at his house," Kaselak said. "I would talk to him and Betty (Ron's wife) and compare stories. We'd talk about all the great people that came to our houses."

Kaselak put up a collage on a board shaped like an egg with pictures of the Eggshelland display. Beneath it, white and blue eggs which represent clouds.

"God wanted him to paint some colorful eggs in heaven for the Easter buffet."

JELLYBEANVILLE itself has become a legend in the Cleveland's eastern suburbs. Generations of families have been coming to the Zeman Avenue Easter display.

Friday evening Kelly Grauel and her brother Matt stopped by after a visit to Eggshelland.

She had her picture taken with the Easter Bunny at only 3 months old, now at 20, she loves reliving memories of her visits to JELLYBEANVILLE.

"I've seen pictures of me when I was younger, we'd come here every year and he would pass things out to the young kids.

Kaselak's mother was born on Easter, she passed away in 1985.

His family can be seen in cutout form as a family dress for Easter services. His mother's cutout gets a new dress every year.

He takes pride in adding new items and repainting older ones.

"Everything is different than last year," he said. "We've got all new balloons and cutouts. "

As part of the tradition, the Easter Bunny will be at his 25401 Zeman Avenue home on Easter Sunday from 9 a.m. until dark. Any donations collected benefit the Domestic Violence and Child Advocacy Center.

Zeman Avenue is north of the East Shoreway off of East 260 th Street.

Eggshelland is on Linden Lane in Lyndhurst near the intersection of Richmond Road and Ridgebury Blvd.

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