LIST: Road closures for May 28 - June 1 in Cleveland for 'Captain America: Winter Soldier' filming

Shoreway closure now begins Friday

CLEVELAND - "Captain America: Winter Soldier" continues to transform downtown Cleveland streets into a movie set and with that comes temporary road closures and alternative routes.

The closure of the Shoreway will now begin Friday.

The production company for "Captain America" will being paying for additional police officers and traffic controllers needed for rush hour, special events and routine travel.

Traffic information will be provided during shooting on and 866-999-4959. Information about RTA reroutes can be found on http:// There will also be social media updates on Twitter using #CleCaptTraffic. Listings are subject to change:

New road closures from May 28 - June 1 for "Captain America" filming:

May 28 – June 1

Superior Ave closed from Ontario Ave. to East 17th St.

East 9th St. from Walnut Ave. to Rockwell Ave.

East 3rd St. is closed from Superior Ave. to Rockwell Ave.

May 29 & 30 (intermittently)

East 6th St. from Vincent Ave. to Rockwell Ave.

East 12th St. from Walnut Ave. to Rockwell Ave.

East 13th & 17th Streets from Payne Ave. to Rockwell Ave.

East 14th & 15 Streets from Superior Ave. to Rockwell Ave.

May 31-June 14

West Shoreway between Lake Ave. and E. 9th St.
- Alternate route: Detroit Ave.
- More info: Edgewater Park and the marinas north of the Shoreway will be accessed via West 49th St. Detroit Avenue between West Boulevard and West 25th Street will be no parking during rush hours to expedite traffic flow.

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