Shooting continues in Cleveland for movie 'Draft Day'; Seven young gymnasts become stars

MAYFIELD VILLAGE, Ohio - Cameras were rolling on Monday as shooting continues for the upcoming film "Draft Day" that will put Cleveland back on the big screen.

During one scene, the movie's star Kevin Costner is in a gym, with a group of local girls tumbling in the room behind him.

"We were doing scene after scene after same scene," said 9-year-old gymnast Franki Wagner.

It was a consensus after a dizzying day of filming for seven little gymnasts making their movie debut.

"It was tiring at the same time, but still dizzy. It was still fun, but same time tiring and having dizzy in like all your head," said 8-year-old Alaina Mock.

"I'm really excited with Kevin Costner in it. We got to take a picture with him on the beam. It was really cool. He's famous and I never got to meet a famous person before so that's pretty cool," Alaina said.

Kenyan Albert is a parent of one of the girls and said this is great exposure for the team. He also said this film is also another great opportunity for the city of Cleveland.

"The studio was full of young girls and for them to be picked is an honor," Albert said.

These girls weren't star struck with Costner for long because they said they were constantly repeating their gymnastic moves.

"It was really worth it because it all paid off at the end. We got paid. Yeah we got paid. We get paid 8 bucks an hour," said Mock who said she will spend her earnings shopping.

The movie "Draft Day" is scheduled for release in 2014. For now, filming continues in different locations throughout Cleveland.

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