VIDEO: Huge Hollywood crash scene leaves onlookers in awe on set of 'Captain America' in Cleveland

CLEVELAND - Since 9:30 Wednesday morning, the production crew in downtown Cleveland for "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" could be heard yelling "any second."

After three hours of tinkering and getting every technical detail just right, the huge movie crash scene unfolded in dramatic fashion in front of thousands of onlookers.

The movie-making process left many awed during a spectacular crash scene involving police cars and trucks during the filming of the Marvel film.

Click on the video player above to watch video of the crash shot by NewsChannel5 Chief Photographer Mike Harris. Harris' video is followed by video from Trenton Marshall from Bedford, who shot video of the Captain America crash scene from the second floor of the Key Bank building.

The crash scene happened at East 9th and Superior Avenue around lunchtime as many people gathered on nearby street corners or looked down from office buildlngs.

Starting Friday, a large stretch of the West Shoreway will be closed for filming.

There are 37,000 drivers who use the Shoreway daily.

All of that is happening while construction continues on the new innerbelt Bridge and resurfacing of I-90 on the west side.

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