Betting on baby: People place wagers on Prince William and Duchess Catherine's child

LONDON, England - Think you've got the inside scoop on the soon-to-be newest member of Britain's royal family? You can put your money where your mouth is.

A lot of gamblers are already betting on the baby.

Prince William and Duchess Catherine are expecting their first child sometime next month.

Online betting giant William Hill said it's taken in more than 20,000 pounds worth of wagers, with most for less than a pound.

Bets include the date of birth, hair color and given name.

Right now the favorite in the naming category is "Alexandra" at 5-to-2 odds. Close behind are "Diana" and "Elizabeth." Long-shots include "Chardonnay" at 250-to-1, and "Waynetta" at 500-to-1.

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