Interactive 'Rolling Stones' exhibit at Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall of Fame opens Friday

CLEVELAND - Two and a half floors of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum are now full of personal, never before seen items from the Rolling Stones.

The new "Rolling Stones: 50 Years of Satisfaction" exhibit, which opens May 24, generations of music fans can nearly 200 pieces of history, from Mick Jagger's "Steel Wheels" green leather jacket to handwritten concert set lists and rare interviews with band members.

Dr. Jason Hanley, Rock Hall's Director of Education, said "we wanted to give people a retrospective experience into the band's career...we're using what you see hanging on the walls and interactive areas to really help people get a deeper look into their music."

Throughout the exhibition, there are three interactive areas. One showcases the root of The Rolling Stones' music and what influenced them. The second highlights Mick Jagger and Keith Richard's songwriting. The third and last presentation highlights how the band was able to stay innovative throughout the years.

One item featured in the exhibit came from a northeast Ohio woman, Meredith E. Rutledge-Borger, one of Rock Hall's curators.

"There's a letter handwritten by Keith Richards to a Garfield Heights resident. She wrote a fan letter to him asking if he had any brothers and sisters. A year later, he responded and she was so excited to share that with us and other fans."

"One of the most recognizable items we have from the early days of the Rolling Stones is Brian Jones custom made six string Vox guitar" said Howard Kramer, Curatorial Director at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The Stones often performed at the Crawdaddy Club inside the Station Hotel in Richmond England. A serving tray is now on display inside the Rock Hall to commemorate the many nights the Stones played there in their early years.

The original black and white collage of the Rolling Stones 1974 album "It's Only Rock and Roll" is also on display. Color was added later and then photographed for the final version.

Dr. Hanley said, "This exhibit is not just for the die-hard fans, those who may not be familiar with the Stones music will take a lot away from this."

The exhibit runs through March 2014.

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