Two dances and a tough score was hard for Andy Dick to overcome on 'Dancing with the Stars'

CLEVELAND - Trailing the other couples' scores by a mile, would entertainment and personality be enough to help Andy Dick rise above, or is Latin week the last laugh for the comedian on "Dancing with the Stars?"

On Monday night, the show gave immunity to the highest scoring couple, so we know that country singer Kellie Pickler and Derek are already safe.

Before any of the actual results get announced, we get a performance from Michael Buble, singing "Come Dance with Me."

And now for the encore. Judge Len Goodman picks Olympian Aly Raisman and Mark for their salsa. They have to do this again? Doesn't Mark have a back injury? Apparently, it doesn't matter, because their dance looks better than it did Monday.

Actual results! Disney star – and destined winner – Zendaya and Val are safe. NFL star Jacoby Jones and Karina are "in jeopardy." What a charade. The show is trying to convince us, because Zendaya won the dance off against Jacoby, that he didn't get enough votes to survive elimination. Okay, DWTS, I'll play your game.

Zendaya tweeted, "I can't thank you all enough for keeping me in this competition tonight...I'm going to work even harder! #blessed #beastmode # DWTS."

Because it's Time Filler Tuesday, we're treated to more unnecessary behind-the-scenes footage. I think we're already on the third of these packages for the night!

More results. Aly and Mark are safe. Of course. Soap star Ingo Rademacher and Kym are in jeopardy. Hmm, I doubt Ingo's going home, so it's probably Andy Dick or possibly "Bachelor" Sean Lowe getting the boot. We'll see.

For the week's AT&T Spotlight Performance, we meet Tawanda Jones from Camden, New Jersey, which is a very poor community. She started the Camden Sophisticated Sisters Drill Team to give kids a safe place to be and practice dance. Way to go!

The drill team does a routine live on the show, and I bet Tawanda is in complete disbelief that her girls are on the show at all. Hosts Tom Bergeron and Brooke Burke tell Tawanda that the show is going to provide mirrors for their makeshift dance studio. Definitely not a time filler.

Onto more behind-the-scenes footage, showing Jacoby and Ingo playing football. Jacoby's poor throw to Ingo results in the ball whamming Kym in the face. When Brooke asks Jacoby what his football team will say about it, he replies, "I'm not a quarterback."

The show then introduces us to Adrianne Haslet, a professional ballroom dancer and instructor. She was at the Boston marathon when the bombs went off. In fact, she was standing four feet away from one of them, causing Adrianne to lose her left foot. We see how she is doing a formidable amount of physical therapy, just two weeks into this devastating injury. She has a remarkable, resilient spirit, and intends to dance again. The show says it will follow her recovery and promises she will one day dance on its floor.

Aly tweeted, "Adrianne is an inspiration... Couldn't hold back tears watching that piece. She is so amazing for such a positive attitude! # bostonstrong."

Performance time again, with impressive violin player Lindsey Stirling. The show's pro dancers then give us a naughtily choreographed performance to April Smith's "Terrible Things." The girls are all wearing platinum blonde afros. Move over, RuPaul!

With Andy and Sean left to learn about their fate, more behind-the-scenes footage shows why judge Carrie Ann Inaba gave Andy a 5 for their dance Monday. She said, "I'm not mean – there was a lift!" Really, Carrie Ann? Are you selectively calling lifts? I haven't seen you call them on obvious lifts for other stars in recent weeks.

So, Sean and Peta are safe. Andy is in jeopardy. If Sean's safe, that's pretty much it, folks. Andy has to be the one getting the axe. It's obviously not Jacoby leaving. Ingo has had higher scores than Andy and last week I said that segment about Ingo's adorable son easily bought him another week.

So, after a commercial break, we learn Jacoby is safe. Which we all knew yesterday. So it's down to Ingo and Peta or Andy and Sharna. And the star going home is, indeed, Andy.

Andy (and his kids in the cutaway) look devastated. Andy looks at the judges and says, "Carrie Ann, I wanna kill you for that five… It was all your fault!" Ha! Why not get in those last licks? It's not like they can eliminate Andy twice. He then thanks the show and says making it to week seven was a wonderful ride.

However sad, Andy's elimination is fair - he did get the lowest score on Monday. Also, by week eight, the show really should try to pare down to the best dancers.

Okay, I'm going to go out on a limb and deliver some predictions. Sean will be eliminated next week, followed by Ingo the week after. Jacoby needs to do more than coast by on his personality. Those three remaining girls are kicking butt, and it could easily be an all girl finale with Aly, Kellie, and Zendaya as the inevitable winner anyway.

The competition continues Monday night at 8:00 on ABC with the stars performing one unlearned ballroom dance and taking part in a trio dance.

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