U.S. cardinal weighs in on next pope

VATICAN CITY - An American who will help select the next pope says Benedict XVI's retirement could make the cardinals' job easier.
Washington Cardinal Donald Wuerl says instead of worrying about a candidate's age, the cardinals can now vote for whoever they think is best, knowing that the next pope could follow Benedict's example if he can no longer do the job.
Wuerl says the demands on a pope are enormous these days and take a toll: There's world travel, writing encyclicals, holding audiences with visiting heads of state and bishops -- not to mention governing the 1.2 billion-strong church and taking time out to pray.
Above all, Cardinal Wuerl says he'll be looking for a candidate who can win converts with the message of God's love.
Wuerl believes this papal conclave could elect a cardinal from anywhere in the world, ending the centuries-long chain of European popes.

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