5 On Your Side 5 Deals of the Week

CLEVELAND - We are always on your side trying to save you money and this week we have some big bargains for you.

After searching through the Web, digging through a ton of ads, and teaming up with a coupon pro, we have come up with a handful of ideas - from groceries to beauty products to cars and more - to help you keep your cash.


"You can't go wrong with free," laughed Joe Daugirdas. He's also known as "Joe The Coupon Guy" with his own website and blog. 

Combine a $1.50 bottle of Suave shampoo that's on sale at Giant Eagle with a $1.50 coupon in the newspaper inserts and you have yourself a free bottle of shampoo. It's the same idea with Chobani Yogurt. It's on sale for a buck at Giant Eagle; just clip a 55-cent coupon from Coupons.com and it's doubled at Giant Eagle. So, again, you get it for free.


We've mentioned before how October is a good time to get a car and we're seeing a number of dealerships in the Cleveland area offering zero-down leasing. That includes a Town and Country van from Ed Tomko. It's the VIP Edition with leather interior, power everything, DVD and more for $279 a month. But you have to hurry - that deal ends Tuesday, October 22.

Summer Clearance

We also found Kmart is having a summer clearance where items are marked off 80 percent. So that's up to 90 percent in total savings. "It's a pretty good deal," said Daugirdas. "They're trying to get rid of their summer clothes, which is nice. It's great stuff to have for the following year. That's the time to buy it, at the end of the season," he suggested.


Speaking of seasons, just in time for the cold-rainy weather, on Tanga.com is a 42-inch oversized umbrella with automatic, one-touch open and close for $7.99. That is 86 percent off plus free shipping.

Tooth Care

And at Marc's, we found a combo pack of toothpaste and spinbrush for your kids.  It's only $1.49.

The toothpaste alone is anywhere from $2.50 to $4.

Plus, you get pictures of the band One Direction on the products to help you through the morning brush!

Happy savings!

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