Airfares up since 2005 across the nation including Cleveland Hopkins and Akron/Canton Airports

CLEVELAND - If you got a good deal on holiday airfare, consider yourself lucky.  A USA Today analysis found the price of airline tickets is really taking off.

It's all about supply and demand.

As the number of available flights has gone down, ticket prices have gone up. That means it's now more expensive to fly in and out of many airports including Cleveland.

USA Today crunched the numbers at the nation's 100 busiest airports from the past eight years. The average ticket price has gone up 6.5 percent since 2005, but prices vary widely from airport to airport.

At Cleveland Hopkins, prices have risen nearly 15 percent since 2005. The average fare is now $437. There are also fewer flights to choose from. The number of available seats has dropped by almost 30 percent.

At the Akron Canton Airport the average fare there is $330 which is just a 6 percent increase since 2005 and the number of available seats has actually gone up by 7.7 percent.

USA Today reported a "flurry" of airline mergers led carriers to drop the number of flights at several airports so they could focus on their more profitable hubs.

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