Facebook settlement wants your bank & routing number, but you don't have to give out that info

CLEVELAND - Normally a consumer alert about an email saying you have money coming your way is a warning that it's a rip-off, but there is an email going out to Facebook users that is legitimate.

Facebook reached a settlement in a case over the use of your pictures. The lawsuit focused on the social media site's use of profile pictures in advertisements without the users' permission. In this case, the ad was a sponsored story.

As part of the deal, Facebook will pay out $20 million in $10 increments to impacted users.

The email alerting you to the settlement is from legalnotice@facebookmail.com. The email has the details of the settlement and gives people a link to FraleyFacebookSettlement.com where you can submit your claim.

When you go to submit a claim, it may look as though you need to give out your bank account information and routing number to receive an automatic payment. However, on the paper form you can choose to have a check mailed to your home. That way you're not giving your bank information away, although, the settlement says the information will only be used for the purposes stated in the legal notice.

You need to submit a claim to be eligible for the settlement by May 2, 2013.

If so many people make claims that the $20 million settlement won't cover the payout, users won't get any money. Instead, the settlement money will go to a charity.

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