The best and worst items to buy in July

Deals on computers and tablets are hot

CLEVELAND - If you've been holding off on buying a new computer, July will likely be the best month to take the plunge, according to experts at

Dealnews reports an increase in high-quality discounts in recent weeks, and believes laptop and tablet prices are poised to hit new lows at outlets like Staples, Best Buy, Amazon and Walmart.

Computer experts at the Best Buy location on Brookpark Road in Cleveland report discounts on Apple, Hewlett Packard and PlayStation 3.

"In July, it's going to be a great month for Apple," said Best Buy sales associate Brady Stelter. "We're offering $100 off on MacBooks, $100 off on iMacs, and HP Photosmart printers are $50 off."

"Also in July, Best Buy is running a huge deal on all-in-one touch screen computers, 10 percent off on any all-in-one. Also any tablet with Windows 8 on it, you'll receive a $25 gift card with it."

Best Buy reports the deals on Mac and HP are for college students through the deals program, students must have a valid identification.

Dealnews reported on more than 6,000 deals last July and this July is expected to be just as strong.

Fourth of July sales are anticipated to be strong for home appliances. Dealnews is reporting that prices on 2013 televisions are already at a 40 percent discount and could go lower, with prices on 2012 models expected to be cut even further.

What's not a hot buy in July? Dealnews recommends consumers hold-off on buying bedding until Labor Day.

Prices on gas grills and outdoor patio furniture are not expected to dip to their lowest level until August.

Meanwhile, Best Buy in Cleveland is boasting good deals on smartphones, especially the Samsung Galaxy.

"In July, the fireworks are going off in the Samsung Galaxy department," said Best Buy sales associate Mitchell Erlenmeyer. "We're giving out $50 gift cards with any Samsung Galaxy device you make a purchase on."

"We're also offering the the PlayStation Uncharted 3 bundle, with a three-month trial subscription and we're throwing in the PlayStation 3 Blu-ray remote with that as well."

More Deal posted in the dealnews July buying guide.

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