Chardon family lives with weeds, new lawn promised 13 months ago

Contract called for lawn completion in Sept. 2012

CHARDON, Ohio - Brian Love and his family were hoping to build an American dream in the city of Chardon, Instead his newly-constructed home has him dealing with an incomplete lawn and plenty of weeds.

Love showed NewsChannel5 his real estate agreement that clearly states the lawn was to be completely installed at his property by Sept. 12, 2012.

Love reported he been dealing with nothing but weeds, delays and excuses from the former owner of the land, the real estate agent, and the landscaping contractor.

"We just wanted a nice lawn for our home that was promised and that we wrote into our contract," Love said. "You'd just like to have spent the summer going out with your family, spending time in the yard; just anything that any family would want to have as part of their home."

Love said all parties involved have taken his calls and have been polite, but there is still no action.

NewsChannel5 contacted the real estate agent who helped to set up the contract for the property, and he quickly promised to call the former owner of the property and the landscaping contractor to finish the large weed filled portion of the lawn.

5 On Your Side has agreed not to name the parties involved because all sides are now working toward a solution.

The real estate agent told NewsChannel5 the lawn has gone unfinished because of wet conditions over the past year and that much of the lawn is situated under a leach field, which makes it even more difficult to use heavy equipment.

Better Business Bureau Vice President Sue McConnell told NewsChannel5 homeowners have some options when it comes to dealing with unfulfilled real estate contracts.

"You can consider filing a dispute in several places," McConnell said. "An association like the Ohio Board of Realtors, or local realtors association. The Ohio Division of Real Estate, you can file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and possibly small claims court."

Meanwhile, Love advises home buyers to make sure they get as many details as they can into their written real estate agreement.

"Anyone can be as specific as they need to be, which we were in our purchase agreement, but then you have to follow up," Love said.

"Make sure you're getting in a relationship with a reputable and a professional realtor. And as much as you can, a professional and real seller that will fulfill on their promises."

NewsChannel5 will continue to follow up on this developing story.

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