Willoughby woman fights double charge on her credit card for cell phone contract

Consumer has been waiting three weeks for a refund

WILLOUGHBY, Ohio - Paula Helton is an avid Best Buy customer, so when she was offered a new cell phone and two years of Verizon service from Best Buy Mobile, she was happy to sign up.

However, Helton told NewsChannel5, joy quickly turned to frustration after she got her monthly credit card statement and discovered she had been double-charged for the cell service.

"She ran my credit card. It was one transaction,. It should have been only for $400," explained Helton. "It swiped my card for $800. She realized the mistake, but now she can't fix it. It seems like no one can fix it. In the meantime, I'm waiting and waiting for my money."

"It's not like it's $20, this is $800. They owe me $400 of the $800, and one one can get it to me."

Helton made the purchase at the Best Buy Mobile location at Richmond Town Center on Oct. 18.

Helton reports the store manager had trouble running her card on the first try, and then ran it a second time.

Helton said she submitted all the proper paper work, including her account statement showing the $800 charge, but so far she hasn't been given any results, or an adequate explanation.

"I've made multiple calls, and I've been in touch with  Best Buy Mobile, said Helton. "I've also been in touch with Verizon. No one has actually contacted me back to tell me what the process is, and where we're at in the process, and it's just a big mess."

NewsChannel5 contacted Best Buy headquarters about this case, and the company quickly responded as it looks into the situation.

Best Buy is now ensuring Helton is working with the proper customer service team to solve the problem.

Consumers concerned about being double-charged should always pay very close attention to their account statements.

If the clerk performs a double swipe, consumers should call their bank, or check their account online as soon as possible.

If a double charge has happened, the sooner you dispute the charge, the better chance you have of stopping it from posting to your account. 

In some cases the clerk can void a purchase at the register, especially if a store credit card is being used in the transaction.

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