Will there be a surcharge to use a credit card? It depends on who you ask

CLEVELAND - There is a lot of debate about "checkout fees" or a surcharge if you use a credit card for a purchase.

Stores will be allowed to do this starting Sunday, but the National Retail Federation says it's just credit card propaganda and it's unlikely consumers will be hit with the fees. In the weekly money-saving segment, Joe Daugirdas aka Joe the Coupon Guy discussed the issue.

Daugirdas said he thinks it would turn customers away from a business if there was a fee to use credit. Many consumers use credit to earn rewards points.

If you see the fees, let me know on Facebook and Twitter. To learn more about the issue, read our earlier story.

Daugirdas also discussed savings at Rite Aid on cereal and milk. You can get a free gallon of milk when you purchase four boxes of cereal.

Daugirdas likes the UP Reward program at Rite Aid and suggests you try out a new store and their money-saving policies this year. It might turn you on to a new way to save.

If you need to find new ways to save money this year, how about fishing? Daugirdas said Lake Erie has more fish than all the Great Lakes combined.

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