Dietitian weighs in on the 9 foods you shouldn't eat because they have no nutritional value

What NOT to eat

TAMPA, Fla. - The website has come out with a list of nine foods you should never eat again. 

We asked a few shoppers if they could name one of the nine foods.

Carmen Hamilton said, "Food that you should not eat?  Just plain popcorn?"

Tim Ireland said, "M&M's, drinks, Coca-Cola."

And Kimberly Tyson said, "White bread pasta and rice."

Yes.  White bread and white rice are on the list.

You've probably heard that before, but a few other foods may surprise you.

I took the list to dietitian Janie Norman with USF Health. I asked her to start with one that surprised me, protein and energy bars. Norman said, "Some of the key things you want to look for... Does it contain trans fats, or hydrogenated oils?  Those are not healthy for the heart and the vascular system."

She suggested healthy alternatives: organic food bars and Fiber One.

Also on this list: frozen meals. 

"Problem with the just regular entrees," Norman says, "They tend to be extremely high in sodium. One entree, just one meal, can have the sodium content a person should eat in the course of a day."

She said that's a problem for those with high blood pressure.

I was sad to see microwave popcorn on the list. I love that. says from genetically modified corn kernels, to preservatives and chemicals, microwave popcorn is unhealthy and disease promoting.  

Norman added, "Genetically altered food products is a hot topic right now.  It's very controversial. There is not, necessary, any good science to say they're harmful, but if a product is organic it's implying it's not using genetically modified foods."

The same issue comes up with genetically modified soy products.  Norman said get organic if you're concerned.

Finally, anything that says diet:

Norman said diet liquids contain artificial sweeteners and coloring.

"In small amounts, probably not harmful, but there's no nutritional benefit."

To see the entire list go to:

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