Average Ohio teacher salaries vary greatly among districts statewide

Disparities among district 'report cards'

CLEVELAND - Average salaries among Ohio school teachers vary widely across the state and often fail to correspond to "excellent" rating achieved in yearly district "report" cards.

According to the most recent data obtained from the Ohio Department of Education, the average salary for Ohio teachers is $56,715.

Strongsville teachers earn an average salary of $66,558 per year, and the most recent state issued academic report card lists the district as Excellent with Distinction--the highest possible rating.

Teachers in the Solon School District earn an average yearly salary of $80,400 with an identical school report card ranking.

Yet, teachers in the Plain Local School District, near Canton, earn $53,373 yearly--despite achieving the Excellent with Distinction rating.

Here's a look at average salaries in large urban school districts and the district's school report card:

- Cleveland Metropolitan School District teachers: $65,518 -- Academic Emergency
- Akron City Schools: $59,653 -- Continuous Improvement
- Cincinnati Schools: $64,638 -- Continuous Improvement
- Dayton Schools: $52,324 -- Academic Watch
- Toledo Schools: $55,780 -- Academic Watch
- Columbus Schools: $67,167 -- Continuous Improvement

And here's a look at other suburban school districts across northeast Ohio:

- Cleveland Heights-University Heights: $69,602 -- Continuous Improvement
- Brunswick: $59,393 -- Excellent
- Medina: $70,988 -- Excellent
- Euclid: $64,981 -- Continuous Improvement
- Hudson: $72,901 -- Excellent
- Mentor: $66,760 -- Excellent with Distinction
- Twinsburg: $65,612 -- Excellent
- Westlake: $71,274 -- Excellent with Distinction
- Shaker Heights: $73,191 -- Effective

Teacher salaries in Ohio are dependent on a wide variety of factors, chief among them are property taxes.

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