Cleveland Metropolitan School District officials address safety before school starts

CLEVELAND - The Cleveland Metropolitan School District is taking steps towards creating a safer atmosphere for more than 40,000 kids within the district.

Cleveland School District Security Chief Lester Fultz held a news conference at John Adams High School along with officials from the RTA, the Cleveland Public Library, the principal of John Adams High School and others on Friday afternoon stressing the importance of the community's involvement in safety initiatives issued by law enforcement.

"We need more than just law enforcement," Fultz said. "We ask the community to join us as we ensure the education of our children is first class."

Once again, the Cleveland officials stressed the importance of the "see something, say something" motto that has taken hold after several recent incidents in the Cleveland area.

The initiatives taken by local law enforcement, including implementing "safe routes" for students to take home from school, have been effective so far, as Fultz says that enrollment in schools is up and serious incidents are down in the city of Cleveland.

The Rapid Transit Authority (RTA) and The Cleveland Public Library have also taken steps to ensure the safety of Cleveland Metropolitan School District students.

Eight thousand students rely on the RTA to get them to and from school, and officials have stressed to students to say something if they see anything out of the ordinary during their school commute.

The Cleveland Public Library has also opened their doors to students as a safe house if they feel threatened.

While law officials have taken steps towards making the Cleveland area safer for students, they still need the help of local citizens in order to guarantee safety for students.

"Block by block, street by street, our children must have eyes watching out for them," said Fultz.

If any suspicious activity is seen, officials ask you to call 216-771-SAFE (7233).

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