Akron mayor issues statement on violent 2 weeks in the city

AKRON, Ohio - In light of some recent violent events in Akron, Mayor Don Plusquellic issued the following statement on Friday in an effort to ease the minds of the residents of his city.

"Recently there was a shooting at a west side McDonalds where a young man was shot down while working an evening shift.  He has been described as a gentle and kind man and the community's outpouring of support has been overwhelming.  In the wake of that incident, the police worked around the clock, and along with the help of our citizens, an arrest was made on Wednesday for that crime. 

Yesterday, four people were found shot and killed in an apartment near Chapel Hill mall.  It is a tragedy that has left our City to mourn the lives of four young people.  Yesterday's acts do not appear to be random acts of violence.  The victims appear to have been targeted for reasons still under investigation.  

I want to assure the citizens of Akron that the Akron Police Department will continue to work tirelessly, as they always do when events like this occur, to sort through these events, capture the suspects, and solve these serious crimes.  All resources are being exhausted so that these homicides can be solved as quickly as possible. 

I also want to assure the citizens that the City is looking at all possible means to stop these incidents before they happen.  Nobody wants to hear about these tragedies, and we are continuously trying to find ways to anticipate and protect against these horrific events."

The Akron Police Department has not yet released any information on a motive in connection with the four people shot in the apartment.  The Summit County Coroner has also not released the identity of the victims.

Anyone with information about either incident is asked to call the Akron Police Department at 330-375-2552.

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