Identical twins give birth two hours apart at Akron City Hospital

Aimee and Ashlee Nelson have baby boys

AKRON, Ohio - Ashlee and Aimee Nelson have always had a special bond. They are not only identical twins, but both are new mothers to start the new year.

They said they were surprised when they found out they were pregnant at the same time.

"I found out, what, two days after you did?" Aimee said, "Yep, didn't think that. I started to have the same symptoms as her."

With their due dates just five days apart, they knew they would have a great story to tell their boys, Aiden and Donavyn, when they grew up. What they didn't know was that Aimee would go into labor early.

"My mom told me that she was here and when I got up to the bathroom, my water broke. So I had to come in, too." said Ashley.

On New Year's Eve, at Summa's Akron City Hospital, the sisters gave birth two hours apart.

Donavyn was born at 12:11 p.m. to Aimee Nelson and Matthew Bratten.

Aiden was born at 2:03 p.m. to Ashlee Nelson and Cody Dilts.

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