University of Akron professor talks about the profile of a serial killer

AKRON, Ohio - Michael Madison is charged with the murders of three woman found in East Cleveland.

David Licate, a professor of criminal justice at the University of Akron, studies crime and criminals.

"To start out with  a spree, so to speak, is unusual. Which unfortunately, I am sure the police are keeping their eyes open for other victims at this point."

Licate said serial killers progress slowly as they get more confident.

"Serial killers tend to kill the first victim, a period of time goes by and then another victim and that tempo increases over time as they learn. They get more comfortable with, with murder."

Many people wonder if there is any connection between the East Cleveland case and Anthony Sowell, who was convicted of killing 11 women and leaving their bodies around his Imperial Avenue house. Licate said to have two serial killers so close together is very rare, but it may be just a coincidence.


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