Vigil for 4 slaying victims at Kimlyn Circle townhouse complex attracts 200 mourners

AKRON, Ohio - A victim's mother is appealing for tips to help police investigating the killing of four young people whose bodies were found in an Akron townhome.

Authorities haven't mentioned a possible motive in the slayings and Akron police spokesman Lt. Rick Edwards said in an email Monday there was no break to report.

About 200 people attended a memorial vigil Sunday evening. The Akron Beacon Journal reported that the memorial took place at the housing complex where the victims were found.

The bodies of the two men and two women were found in a basement Thursday. Each was shot in the head, according to autopsies.

The men were identified as 24-year-old Ronald Roberts and 23-year-old Kem Delaney, both of Akron. The women were identified as 19-year-olds Maria Nash and Kiana Welch.

Roberts' mother, April Roberts-Gilbert, pleaded for witnesses to come forward and help police solve the case.

The bodies were discovered by a friend of Roberts who kept trying to call him by cellphone, Roberts-Gilbert said.

"Someone else answered the phone, and he knew that wasn't right," she said. That led the friend to come to the home and find the bodies in the basement, she reported.

She said she was perplexed about what could have gone so wrong in her son's life.

"This doesn't make sense," Roberts-Gilbert said. "My son was a people person. He would have given you the shirt off his back."

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