Volunteers to search Saturday for missing teen Taylor Robinson, looking for any and all help

AKRON, Ohio - Volunteers are looking for any and all help in the effort to find 19-year-old Taylor Robinson.

Neighbors and Akron residents plan to gather Saturday and will pass out flyers, as well as scour the areas were Robinson was last seen.

The woman who organized Saturday's search told NewsChannel5 this is her first time doing so. She only met the family a few days ago.

"I don't know what it's like to have someone taken from me without their permission but this is someone's daughter and I would want someone to help me so, we're going to do whatever we can to have her home," said Lakitha Townsend.

Robinson's mother, Carmilla Robinson, said she found out of the search when Townsend went to her home on Wednesday.  

"I was just so grateful and so shocked 'cause you always think that you're still just the only ones who remember that she's still not at home," said Taylor's mother.

The young woman's step-father, Jeff Rucker, told NewsChannel5, "For people to just reach out and put together something like what they're doing tomorrow, just out of the blue, you know and get in contact with us and tell us that they put this together and they doing this for Taylor, that's Heaven-sent."

Carmilla Robinson said she last saw her daughter when she dropped Taylor off for work as an overnight home health care aide. That was back on May 3.

Since then, Robinson said, "It's hard, but you have to keep a steady mind. This is not, we're not doing this for us, we're doing this for her. If we give up on her, what does she have? If we're not there speaking for her, making people remember her, trying to keep her, keep her out here in the public, what do you have? We are her lifeline. "

Both Robinson and Rucker plan on attending the search. Community members will be meeting at the Arlington Plaza Shopping Center at 2 p.m. Saturday off of Arlington Rd. in Akron. Anyone available is asked to attend.

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