25,000 additional Cleveland households now required to recycle

Failure to recycle will result in fine

CLEVELAND - Cleveland is now expanding its mandatory curbside recycling program to include 25,000 additional households.

The expansion is the third phase of a five-year expansion of the Automated Waste Collection and Curbside Recycling Program.

The City of Cleveland explained households across the city will be issued wheeled waste collection carts during the weeks of Oct. 7, 14 and 21 on their regularly scheduled waste collection days. The delivery of the carts will include a booklet explaining cart usage, recycling and waste guidelines.

Households in the selected areas will receive a 95-gallon black cart for garbage and a 65-gallon blue cart for recyclables.

Seniors, disabled residents and households of three persons or less have the option to request 48-gallon black and blue carts.

All carts are compatible with the city's automated trash collection trucks and will be provided free of charge.

The City of Cleveland told NewsChannel5 residents will be required to place glass, plastic, metal cans, cardboard and mixed paper items into their blue recycle bins and place remaining waste materials into the black bins. Both carts must be placed on the curbside on their regularly scheduled waste collection days.

Cleveland public works leaders stressed failure to properly sort waste into recyclables, consistent failure to set out recycling bins, or under-utilizing the recycling bins will result in a fine.

Residents looking for more information about the automated Waste Collection and Recycling Program can call 216-664-3717 or find it on the city website.


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