Clear, polycarbonate sheeting called SecureView protects vacant Cleveland-area homes without plywood

Polycarbonate technology secures windows on homes

CLEVELAND - Local banks and northeast Ohio homeowners are now turning to a new, high-tech product to protect their vacant homes from vandals or thieves.

Some Cleveland homeowners are using clear, polycarbonate sheeting to secure the windows on their houses, instead of boarding up the windows with plywood.

The product is called SecureView and it's being advertised as a state-of-the-art, transparent window system that protects a property without making it obvious that a home is vacant. SecureView's creator Howard Wedren demonstrated the system's durability and talked to NewsChannel5 about its benefits.

"It looks like a normal window. But if I go to break in like a vandal, nothing's going to break it," Wedren said.

Werden used a hammer to pound on an installed SecureView window cover and was unable to break the polycarbonate product. To further prove the point, Wedren began slamming the window with a garden shovel. The SecureView product bowed and rattled but appeared undamaged.

Wedren explained SecureView eliminates the need for repeated installation of plywood boards because it won't rot, warp, mold or burn.

Wedren told NewsChannel5 SecureView is a reusable,100 percent recycled product that is made in the USA.

According to Wedren, SecureView costs more than double the price of plywood, however SecureView includes a compression bolt installation system.

Additional product information can be found on the SecureView website.

Wedren also touted the safety benefits of SecureView.

"Unlike plywood and steel, where it's very difficult to get out of in case of fire or emergency, ours is designed so you can get a quick release out of the property," Wedren said.

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