Cedar Fair's Kings Island visitors report being hit with multiple credit, debit card charges

Spokesperson said charges caused by glitch

MASON, Ohio - Customers of Kings Island say they had a big surprise waiting for them on their recent bank statements.

Several amusement goers reported Wednesday and Thursday that their credit cards were charged multiple times from purchases made at Kings Island on Father's Day.

Brad B. said he visited Kings Island Sunday and made a $7 purchase – but his credit card was charged 13 times. But he said he wasn't the only member of his family affected.

"My mom made a $35 purchase and her debit card was charged three times and then the next day 10 times," Brad said. "I called my credit card company and after an hour on the phone, they disputed the charges. However, many people might not have looked at their statements."

Amber B. said she visited Kings Island with her husband and children on Father's Day and made two purchases using her credit card.

One transaction was for $10.33 and the other was for $14.88.

On Wednesday, Amber said her card was declined and when she checked her account, Kings Island has processed her $10.33 payment 12 times and her $14.88 payment 13 times.

"When I contacted Kings Island about this they informed me it can take up to two weeks to correct," Amber said. "I now have a late bill and will have to pay the late fee for their mistake.

Melody L. said she also saw multiple charges on her card after visiting the Mason theme park and using her debit card at the Dinosaur's Alive gift shop.

A single payment of $35.12 was charged 13 times on her account statement.

Melody said she immediately called Kings Island.

"[King's Island said] they are aware of it and it had affected several people," she said. "We were fortunate, no overages or bounced checks. But what about those that weren't as fortunate?"

Kings Island spokesperson Don Helbig said the park is aware of the issue, which he said was caused by a technical glitch.

"There was an error in our nighttime batch processing which resulted in credit cards being charged multiple times for the same transaction," Helbig said. "We were notified of the situation and immediately began working with the banks to reverse these erroneous charges."

Helbig said all charges have been reversed as of Wednesday afternoon.

For visitors that were charged with overdraft fees, Helbig said they should contact the park immediately.

"We will work with them directly to resolve any concerns or issues they may have," Helbig said.

The park's phone number is 513-754-5700. You can also email Kings Island's customer support at kingsislandgr@visitkingsisland.com.

Cedar Fair owns Kings Island and Cedar Point in Sandusky.

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