12 of the 92 people indicted in northern Ohio's largest heroin bust still wanted by FBI

CLEVELAND - The Cleveland Division of the FBI is looking for 12 of the 92 people indicted in a massive heroin trafficking ring.

Since Wednesday, northern Ohio authorities have arrested 80 suspects in Operation Foxhound, FBI special agent Vicki Anderson said. The 203-count federal indictment described a system of drug dealers robbing other dealers with heroin being sold in the Cleveland area.

[Read the 191-page indictment here: http://on.wews.com/15DjD4U]

The following people are still wanted:

- Raymundo D. Wren
- Dammarkro S. Nolan Sr.
- Brandy M. Bates
- Jamez J. Webb II
- Lamar L. Middleton
- Jermaine D. Grayson
- Robert J. Belk
- Michael L. Buchanan
- Pierre A. Campbell
- Shaun D. Williams
- Jovan L. Fussell
- Frederick Ferrell (Not pictured)

[Photos: 11 Operation Foxhound suspects : http://on.wews.com/1bw9eM1]

Anyone with information on any of these suspects should call the Cleveland FBI at 216-522-1400 or their local police department. Reward money is available for information leading to the arrest and conviction of a suspect.

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