Brother of Gloria Pointer says he thinks about sister everyday; Man questioned in Cleveland murder

DNA match singles out suspect in cold case murder

CLEVELAND - Raymon Pointer sat with his hands clasped except when he answered his cell phone in his pocket. It rang several times during an interview as family members and friends were trying to get more information on the arrest of a suspect in the 1984 murder case of Pointer's sister, Gloria.

"Twenty-nine birthdays, 29 Christmases, 29 Thanksgivings without my sister," said Raymon Pointer, 40, counting the years since Gloria was raped and murdered on her way to school. The 14-year-old was to receive a perfect attendance award that day.

Cleveland police said a DNA match led them to a suspect, whom they have not identified. Officials said "progress" was being made in connection with the case, which was kept in the public's consciousness through Yvonne Pointer. She became an advocate for children and peace, not only throughout the area, but also the nation and parts of Africa.

Raymond Pointer, who was 9 when his sister was killed, said there was never a day when he and his mother did not think of Gloria. 

In an interview, Raymon Pointer spoke through a television news camera as if he were speaking directly to the suspect. 

"You don't know what you do to people who you do those kinds of things to," said Raymon, his voice delivering the words in a matter-of-fact manner. He said the death of his sister left a large hole in his life.

"It just don't be a one-day thing you forget about," he said. "It goes on; you never forget about your loved ones."

Throughout the 29 years, Yvonne Pointer addressed the case many times, often in public gatherings and with well-known political figures. She appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show and on the 2001 Essence Awards show. She also appeared many times on Cleveland television and radio programs

As for the suspect in police custody and being questioned, Raymon said his mother would have much more to say about the developments in the case once she received more information.

Cleveland police continued their questioning of the suspect, but have not issued any formal charges yet.


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