'Captain America' paid Cleveland $20 to film on closed Shoreway for two weeks

CLEVELAND - Documents obtained by NewsChannel5 on Monday from the city of Cleveland show that the "Captain America: The Winter Soldier " movie paid a measly $20 in permit fees to shut down the Detroit Shoreway between East 9th Street and Lake Avenue for two weeks.

"We wouldn't be supporting this if it didn't bring jobs and economic development to the city of Cleveland," said Cleveland City Councilman Joe Cimperman who added that much of the movie revenue will come in the form of booked hotels, packed restaurants and busy taxi drivers.

The movie also paid $20 per permit to shut down other major thoroughfares like East 9th Street between Euclid Avenue and Erie Court for one day, and Huron Road between Ontario Street and Prospect Avenue for two days in May.

The four-page spreadsheet showed the movie paid a total of $38,240 to the city for permits from the end of April, when it first applied for permits, to May 31, 2013.

A majority of permits paid cost the crew $20. But there are some permits that cost much more. For example, the movie shelled out $1,700 to close St. Clair Avenue between East 9th Street and East 12th Street for eight days. The city said it required the movie's crew to make up for lost revenue from street meters in that area.

"They wouldn't let nobody go up and down the street," said Karl Abounader, owner of Karl's Inn at the Barristers on West 3rd Street. "They wouldn't let nobody come in here or out of here."

Abounader said his business took a big hit when film crews blocked off the street where his longtime, local deli restaurant is located.

"They blocked a lot of traffic off," he said. Even foot traffic. That affects us a lot."

Despite the loss of revenue, he was happy to see a major movie take over parts of Cleveland.

"We're Clevelanders," Abounader said. "We know how to fight and come back."

The city said without permission to film on the Shoreway "Captain America " would have shot elsewhere.  

The cost to obtain any 30-day road closure permit within city limits is $20. But the city said the process is lengthy and complex. The permit applicant must submit details and drawings of the event, proof of insurance and complete a multiple-choice questionnaire. The application must then be approved by seven different city departments.

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