City of Cleveland declares 'Superman Day', celebrates man of steel's 75th birthday

CLEVELAND - The city of Cleveland celebrated the man of steel in a grand way on Thursday.

A flag hung on top of the city's hall of justice in honor of Superman's 75 years of fighting bad guys.
"I'm honored to offer this proclamation designating April 18, 2013 as Superman Day in Cleveland," said Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson.

Jackson was surrounded by family members of the late creators of Superman, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

The two were teenagers growing up in a Glenville neighborhood during the Great Depression. Siegel came up with the idea of Superman and he asked Shuster to draw the character.

"He wanted to write something that was worthwhile, something that people would care about, that would last," said Siegel's daughter Laura Siegel.

Superman lovers both young and old took in the moment to honor their imaginary hero who's never been forgotten.

"Something magical happened here in the 1930s and that idea came from two teenagers, two ordinary people, who did extraordinary things," said President of The Siegel and Shuster Society Michael Olszewski.

It truly was somewhat magical for Taliesin Hall, the young man handpicked to play the role in Thursday's celebration.

"It was fantastic. I've been a fan of comic books my entire life. I've always loved the Superman franchise," Hall said.

Celebratory events are happening throughout the city, like at Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport with a life sized statue in Superman's honor.

"He (Jerry Siegel) loved the vitality of downtown Cleveland in the 1920s and 30s. He loved the street cars, movie palaces, which have been revived in recent years, and the tall buildings. And the people from different countries, different backgrounds, different nationalities, whether they were rich or poor, it was just this wonderful heartbeat of a place," Laura Siegel said.

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