Cleveland deadly crash victims may have been fleeing from gunfire

CLEVELAND - It was a jaw-dropping scene on Wade Park and East 63rd Street after a speeding car hit a curb, went airborne and smashed into a home's second floor.
"They just started sawing him out three or four of them chopping him out," said Kenneth Marks who lives next door.

He said he is still in shock from the deadly crash which ended with the deaths of 49-year-old Michael Carter and 33-year-old Willa Ann Guy.

"My wife said she heard the guy say ‘Help me, help me' but it was too late. I think the lady was dead on impact," Marks said.

Cleveland police said the car was speeding on Wade Park and failed to make a turn at East 63rd Street. We're told the victims were trying to escape from someone shooting at them.

"My thought was ‘Oh my God.' I can't believe that happened. It was just sad. It was just terrible," said Angel Roebuck, a friend of the victims.

"I got the news from her nephew. They called me and told me she was in a car accident. And Michael was a great guy, a great guy, very outgoing, very nice guy," she said.

A demolition crew was on the scene cleaning up the wreckage. They had to remove the engine and transmission from the second floor, which speaks to the high impact of the crash.

The homeowner, Emeal Woods, is blessed to be alive.

"I didn't see nothing. I was getting ready to go to bed and I heard this big boom so I ran to the door opened the door I saw nothing. I said maybe it was an earthquake," Woods said.

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