Cleveland Motorcycles shop opens in Gordon Square arts district

Saturday's opening offers food, drink and bikes

CLEVELAND - Gordon Square is part of the Detroit Shoreway Community on Cleveland's west side. It's one of the city's premier neighborhoods.

"High quality arts, fabulous restaurants, great retail," said Ward 15 Councilman Matt Zone when asked what this area has to offer.

This Saturday, the area will offer something else. Cleveland Motorcycles will have its grand opening just down the street from West 65th and Detroit Avenue. Owner Scott Colosimo said there will be beer, barbecue and food trucks to celebrate the official start of the new cycle shop.

Cleveland Motorcycles is now the exclusive dealer of the Cleveland brand motorcycle. The new facility, located in a former meat packing and rubber production plant on West 65th and Herman Avenue, will house a showroom, parts warehouse and motorcycle repair and customization shop. Colosimo said the repair shop is open to all types of motorcycles, not just the Cleveland brand.

Colosimo, a Cleveland Institute of Art graduate, has gained national attention by designing and building his distinctive brand of motorcycles. With nearly 20,000 sold worldwide, the opening of Cleveland Motorcycles brings him one step closer to moving production and assembly from China to Cleveland.

'We first did the retail side of things," said Colosimo, "and then we're going to start with assembly, and then a lot of the out sourced manufacturing, even though it's outsourced in Cleveland, we want to start bringing some of that manufacturing into our location here,"

Zone said the city is welcoming Colosimo's enterprise and recognizes the opportunity it brings to the area.

" Cleveland CycleWerks is much more than a motorcycle shop," Zone said. "When you look at what it takes to run a company like that. You have high tech employees working on the R&D side of it, manufacturing jobs, marketing jobs, sales jobs....all here in Cleveland."

The grand opening celebration is this Saturday, Oct. 5,  from noon to 8 p.m. Riders and non-riders alike are welcome to tour the showroom and repair shop and meet Colosimo.

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