WATCH: Cleveland religious leaders and members weave through downtown streets and protest

CLEVELAND - Hundreds of protestors took to Cleveland downtown streets Tuesday to demand changes to our criminal justice system.

The event comes three days after Cleveland police officer Michael Brelo was acquitted of all charges in the death of two unarmed suspects, Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams. It also comes as the Cuyahoga County Sheriff Department is investigating the fatal shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice by a Cleveland cop.

The Greater Cleveland Congregations organized the march, which represents more than 40 churches, synagogues and temples. Many of the participants were religious leaders and members of those respective entities. The group called for equality, peace and justice for all.

"It's time to have a fundamental plan for how we can ensure that everyone that goes through our legal system who have engaged with law enforcement is ensured that they will get equity and just treatment according to the law," said Jawanza Colvin, pastor of Olivet Institutional Baptist Church.

The protest started at noon at East 6th and Euclid. The group walked northwest to the Justice Center then to City Hall then back to East 6th and Euclid.

"We can't wait, we can't wait," the group chanted. They also sang religious hymns.

"I believe that through prayer and through the churches, we can achieve what we're looking for," said Susannah Miller of Aurora, a participant of the protest.

"I want the violence to stop," said David Guevara, who came from Texas in anticipation of the Brelo verdict announcement. Now he's staying to voice his disappointment over it.


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