Cleveland ranked among the top 25 'drunkest' cities of 2012; gets No. 1 for most binge drinkers

CLEVELAND - Perhaps it's due to Cleveland's sports teams' records, bitter cold winters or even newfound love for craft beer? Whatever it may be, the city scored the top spot for aggressive drinking in a national ranking.

The Daily Beast ranked the 25 "drunkest" cities in America, and Cleveland was among them.

The city scored the No. 24 spot overall – just ahead of Burlington, Vermont. The Daily Beast said the average number of drinks consumer by adults in Cleveland each month is 13.1.

But the more glaring number was the percentage of the population classified as binge drinkers: 20.4 percent – the most of any of the 25 cities included in the ranking. Boston was the city with the next highest number, coming in at 20.1 percent. Boston also topped the list overall with 15.6 average drinks consumed by adults each month.

Other cities to note in the ranking are Buffalo, N.Y. (No. 22), Las Vegas (No. 21) and Chicago (No. 8).

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