College students in Akron get lesson on government shutdown

CLEVELAND - It was all about the shutdown during a class of the Bliss Institute of Applied Politics at the University of Akron. Students were getting a first-hand lesson on what the government shutdown means to real people and what were the politics of the situation.

"The federal budget can not operate unless it has a budget," said executive director John Green as he explained the government shutdown. "That means the spending Congress has control over has to cease," Green continued.

As you well know by now, thousands of government workers were laid off, national parks were closed and other government agencies have been affected.

Medicare and Social Security checks will continue but Green did point something out. Because of the furloughs, "the people who process the checks and who help people with problems," won't be around during the government shutdown.

Green said, "Immediately, people won't notice it but as time goes on day after day, things we take for granted won't be happening."

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