Councilman Zack Reed attacked by Ward 2 opponent over OVI conviction

Reed debate gets heated in Ward 2

CLEVELAND - Candidates for Cleveland's Ward 2 debated for the first time Tuesday night at the Earl B. Turner Recreation Center on Miles Avenue.

This is the ward represented by Councilman Zack Reed, who was recently found guilty for a third OVI charge last week.

Reed will be sentenced next week and could spend the next six months in jail.
Reed was the first to bring up the OVI charge during his opening remarks.

"I first want to do what everyone has failed to do is ask you for your vote," he said. "I want to thank you for all your support you have shown since last Tuesday when I was found guilty and charged with an OVI," he continued. The current councilman was not alone in mentioning his personal failings.

Candidate Marcus Henley took repeated shots at the councilman and questioned whether he was fit for the office.

"What he got convicted of was a crime. He is being sentenced for a crime. The plan of action is to replace an existing problem," Henley said.

Reed countered by mentioning that Henley did not live in the ward, which Henley said he would move into if he wins. He also countered by talking about surveillance cameras, education and school construction that he said he helped bring to the ward.

The crowd in the room seemed pro-Reed applauding after many of his comments. Many in the audience would interrupt the candidates as they spoke, challenging what they were saying. Reed is expected to be sentenced by a judge on Sept. 5 and the primary is Sept. 10.

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