Downtown Cleveland expecting super busy Sunday with Browns & Indians at home, new security measures

CLEVELAND - There's no place like home and Sunday both the Browns and Indians are home at 1 p.m. Downtown Cleveland pubs, restaurants and hotels have been busy since Friday.

"I love coming to the Sunday Indians games. It's really nice and there's a ton of people down here and it's great for the city. I'm glad the Indians have a good team this year and hopefully the Browns bring us more excitement this year." said Indians fan, Sam Velotta.

The Indians fan said she took pictures and got autographs with Indians players during a meet before Saturday's game at Progressive Field.

Try to get the games early Sunday; parking will be in high demand.

The Browns also start their new security measures for their first regular season game.

No large purses, only clear plastic bags.

Not everyone got the message during the pre-season.

City parking lots open at 7 a.m. Sunday.

Cleveland Police plan the usual game day staffing levels.

Fans not going to the game are making a game plan in their home. 

"My plan is to hand my son the remote control so he can flick back and forth and cheer on our favorite Cleveland teams," said Amy Riley. Her son Cole also got to take pictures with Indians players during Saturday's meet and greet.

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