Family of missing East Cleveland 18-year-old Shirellda Terry praying young woman is still alive

CLEVELAND - The family of a missing 18-year-old woman is hoping and praying that their loved one is alive and will come home to them.

Shirellda Terry was last seen leaving her summer job at East Clark Elementary School in Cleveland on July 10.

Belinda Minor and her husband, Derrick Minor, are both pastors at their church, but their faith has been tested over the last 12 days.

"I do trust God, but I am a woman first and I am emotional because that's my daughter," Belinda Minor said.

"We're people of faith and in our heart we know that she's still alive. We believe that Jesus is out there, that somebody has her," Derrick Minor said.

Relatives said Shirellda is a deeply religious young lady and never misses bible study or church, but she hasn't shown up for either weekly ritual.

On St. Clair Avenue near East 147th Street, relatives set up a table each day. They pass out missing person flyers. They're also raising money to buy meals for the volunteers searching for Shirellda.

"We need them to help us find our child, Shirellda Terry. We're going to be here rain or shine until we bring our baby home," said her grandmother, Rosetta Terry.

The family doesn't believe Shirellda was one of the women found murdered in East Cleveland based on the descriptions of the victims.

"She doesn't have tattoos or body piercings, so we pretty much know, and size of the victims doesn't fit her," Derrick Minor said.

But, the family hasn't been given a definite answer from investigators so they continue to ride an emotional roller coaster of relief and fear.

"The not knowing, I don't even have the words to describe right now," said Belinda Minor.

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