Fun on-air moments of 2012 with NewsChannel5 anchors, meteorologists

CLEVELAND - Sometimes, you can have fun with a news story. Other times, the words just don't seem to come out right, or your emotions get the best of you.

Our NewsChannel5 anchors and meteorologists didn't disappoint, making us smile and laugh in 2012. Check out our top 5 fun (and funny) on-air moments.

5. NewsChannel5 anchor Danita Harris and the Spam cookoff
If you didn't know, Danita is a big fan of Spam. So, we thought we'd decorate her desk with it as a segue into our news package.

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4. Power of 5 meteorologist Mark Johnson and the full beaver moon
Though very brief, it needs no further explanation. You can't hear her in the video clip, but I assure you Danita laughed so loud, we could hear her from any spot in the newsroom!
You can watch it here :

3. Power of 5 meteorologist Jason Nicholas has a little slip up with the forecast
In the cold, is it pets or plants that need covered? Oops!

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2. The infamous Mark Johnson Heat vs. Thunder rant -- which went viral
Remember Mark's rant during a June 21 forecast over the Thunder-Heat NBA Championship game? Who could forget. The rant gained national attention and was even remixed on YouTube.

While talking about weather elements, heat and thunder, Johnson's frustration about the Miami Heat defeating the Oklahoma City Thunder comes out. He was upset over LeBron James, once a beloved king in northeast Ohio, winning his first NBA Championship in nine years.

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1. The hariy crab story with Danita, Mark and Chris Flanagan
The No. 1 funniest on-air moment that brought me to tears (and does every time I watch it) was when Danita, Mark and Chris Flanagan talked about a hairy crab story -- a newely discovered crab was named after David Hasselhoff. This one, I promise, will make you laugh out loud!

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We know there were other moments, but these were just a few of our favorites. Tell us in a comment below which one you liked best -- or if we left one out that you remember in 2012.

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