GED test changes will afffect students from Cleveland and nationwide

CLEVELAND - Major changes are coming to the GED exam in 2014. 

Starting in January, the cost of the test will increase from $40 to $120. It will also be computerized and include more complex problem solving and analysis.

"I think it's a lot of challenges for the community based programs, a lot of realigning of the curriculum, adding computer skills into the program," said Bonnie Entler, executive director of Seeds of Literacy, an organization that prepares 1,200 Cuyahoga County residents each year for the GED test.

She's encouraging people who have already passed portions of the test to sign up before the Aug. 9 deadline to take the rest.  Anyone not registered by that date will have all of their old scores wiped out and they'll have to begin the testing process all over again.

Jonathan Anderson, 32,  is hoping to beat the price increase. After just eight months at Seeds of Literacy, he has already passed most of the test, and will take the reading and writing portions in August. He's confident he'll pass.  But if he doesn't, he intends to keep on trying until he does.

"No matter how long it takes me," he said. "If I can pay $120 for a pair of Air Jordans, I can pay $120 for my education."

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