Horseshoe Casino Cleveland looks to hire more dealers, game supervisors

CLEVELAND - The Horseshoe Casino Cleveland will be hiring up to 200 part-time table game dealers and 30 full-time table game supervisors in the next few months to staff additional open table games.

The casino said it wants to enhance the guest experience by providing a larger number of open tables with a wider variety of minimum bets.

The casino plans to put around 300 people through its interviewing process and those selected will need to commit to the table games academy, a free training session that will last four to six weeks for dealers.

The length of the academy will depend on factors such as the number of applicants and the amount of time it takes to teach the group seven table games, including blackjack.

Supervisors will go through a six to eight-week training period.

According to the Horseshoe Casino, prior casino experience is not necessary to apply.

Those interested should visit the Caesar's Entertainment

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