How our local Reps voted on bill to end the shutdown, avoid debt default

CLEVELAND - The partial government shutdown came to an end late Wednesday night. The House and Senate voted to approve the measure, and President Obama then signed it into law.

But the plan did not include any major changes to Obamacare and there were no spending cuts. It only keeps the government running through January 15 and it extends the country's credit limit only until February 7.

Here's how our representatives voted:

Both U.S. Senators Sherrod Brown, a Democrat, and Rob Portman, a Republican, voted in favor of the plan.

In the House of Representatives, Democrats Marci Kaptur and Marcia Fudge voted for the plan as did Republican David Joyce. Republican Jim Renacci voted against it.

Overnight, Renacci posted comments on his Facebook page: "Default is not an option but neither is the status quo," he wrote. "We are beyond fortunate to live in the greatest nation in the history of the world and I refuse to bankrupt it."



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