Hundreds turn out for shot at speaking role in new 'Captain America' movie to shoot in Cleveland

CLEVELAND - As movie roles go they aren't the biggest. They might carry a line or two and they boast credit worthy names like "Thin guy" "Military Sergeant" and "Military Police Officer," but that doesn't mean they aren't coveted slots in the new "Captain America" movie.

So heavy was the volume of those seeking to audition for the roles that the Carnegie West Branch Library in Ohio City was forced to ask those looking to try out to step out and come in about 20 at a time.

In asking for candidates to bring a current head shot and acting resume, the casting coordinators for Marvel looked to limit those trying out for the roles which also carried age, height and weight restrictions.

It didn't work.

Among those trying out for one of the military roles was former Cuyahoga County Commissioner Peter Lawson Jones who played the part of a minister in "Alex Cross", which was shot in Cleveland in 2011.

"You can tell by the turnout there are literally hundreds of men who are auditioning for three speaking roles," said Jones who showed up in a Marine uniform he borrowed from a friend in Shaker Heights.

"I'm one who always believes in coming to a casting call dressed as the person, the role you're seeking, so you don't make the director imagine what you would look like," he said.

Many subscribed to that theory showing up in all variations of military uniforms and fatigues. Calvin Carter of Akron played it simple though. This was his first audition deciding to give it a shot after hearing about it on NewsChannel5.

"This is my first go-around with the whole thing," Carter said. "You had to read some lines and act out about three scenes," he said describing the quick experience in front of the camera.

Derrick Gilliam of Detroit has done this before, in fact he's done it in Cleveland. Gilliam played Tyler Perry's double in "Alex Cross. "

"I went for the military sergeant, I'm hoping I did pretty good," said Gilliam, who has already taken part in seven films over the last year, mainly in Illinois, Indiana and Michigan. "This is a pretty big one so I'm hoping I can get this and take the next step. "

As he looks around he often finds he's not the only one driving in for auditions like these.

"A lot of us Michigan actors are just coming over here to Ohio and Illinois now because they're giving better tax breaks to the movies so they're picking these states instead of ours."

Ohio's Film Tax Credit played a huge role in helping Cleveland land "Captain America: Winter Soldier. "

Those looking to be paid extras in the movie which will be shot in Cleveland in May and June are asked to come out for a casting call Friday and Saturday April 19 and 20 at Metro Campus Cuyahoga Community College at 2415 Woodland Ave.

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