Lorain pastor returns from tornado-ravaged Oklahoma

CLEVELAND - A northeast Ohio man is just back from tornado-ravaged Moore, Oklahoma where he delivered water, food, diapers and cleaning supplies to victims of the deadly storm.

"That area's not going to be fixed anytime soon," Angel Arroyo said. "You have over 13,000 homes that were demolished so it's not anytime soon that these people are going to be living any type of normal life."

Arroyo is the pastor of Lorain-based Christian Outreach Ministries, which partnered with the Spanish Church of God Ebenezer in Lorain and the Guardian Angels of Cleveland, to collect donations for the victims of the May 20 tornado. 

"You're still seeing debris, piles of debris," he said.  "You're still seeing piles of houses.  I asked a neighbor ‘Where's your house?' He said 'My house is down the street' and he literally pointed down the street where you see his house that was blown away."

Arroyo said some of the displaced victims are staying in hotels. Others are with friends in other cities and more are in college dormitories. He helped some of them move with the truck he transported the supplies in.

"We moved couches. We moved beds. We moved TVs. Other people, we just moved one box," he said.

Arroyo plans to return to Oklahoma July 10 with more cleaning supplies, Gatorade, diapers and wipes, non-perishable food, batteries, toilet paper and dental supplies. 

Anyone wishing to donate these items can drop them off at St. Augustine Church, 2486 W. 14th Street, Cleveland during business hours or at the Spanish Church of God Ebenezer, 3660 Globe Avenue, Lorain between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. Leave the items under the carport.

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