Man tries abducting 18-year-old walking home from baby sitting on Cleveland's west side

CLEVELAND - An 18-year-old woman walking home from baby sitting on Cleveland's west side reports a man grabbed her and tried putting her in his SUV.

The incident happened around midnight on June 3 as the woman was trying to make her way home in an "unfamiliar area."

While walking on Western Avenue near West 106th Place, the victim told police she heard a man ask if she needed a ride. Her reply was "no," at which point she said the man got out of the SUV and grabbed her, trying to force her into the vehicle.

During the struggle, the suspect knocked her glasses off, making it difficult for her to get a good look at the attempted abductor. She could only describe him as an Arabic man in his 20s, wearing a dark colored hat and clean shaven. He was driving a gray boxy SUV.

"I couldn't scream because I was so scared. I just couldn't get it out," the woman told NewsChannel5's Michael Baldwin over the phone.

The victim got away by kicking the suspect in his groin. She ran until she couldn't anymore, at which point another man, who said he saw the tail end of the attack, asked if she was OK. Her reply was no and he called police.

The woman said the suspect took off westbound on Western Avenue.

If you know anything about this incident, you can call police.

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