Massive tree collapses, crushing garages, cars & house in Lakewood neighborhood

Heavy rain, saturdated soil &wind bring down trees

LAKEWOOD, Ohio - Tree service workers said it's the biggest tree they've seen come crashing down in many years. The enormous oak crushed three garages, three cars, a motorcycle and part of a nearby house in Lakewood.

Numerous tree service crews and transmission line workers are on scene today.

Right now, workers with chainsaws are just trying to clear branches so they can see how much damage the fallen tree has caused.

A quick estimate places the oak's circumference at more than 12 feet. The tree also brought down a  large main utility line.

Homeowners speculate that the healthy tree fell victim to saturated soil from a recent barrage of heavy rain storms combining with breezy conditions Monday.

The tree fell Monday morning in the back of several homes on Cook Avenue in Lakewood, lifting up a concrete slab and the garage at a 45 degree angle.

Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Crews from JLS tree services said large trees should be trimmed and thinned so wind can pass through, but while it's a safe idea it's not an inexpensive solution.

Homeowners said large trees throughout the area have been beaten up since Superstorm Sandy in October and numerous recent violent thunderstorms like the ones that rolled through last week.

Several other trees fell in the area, but nothing as huge as the oak on Cook.

A large crane is being brought in to help remove the massive tree.

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