58 employees laid off from Cleveland Plain Dealer

CLEVELAND - The Plain Dealer, Cleveland's largest daily newspaper announced it is slashing its staff Wednesday afternoon.

Harlan Spector, chairmen of the newspaper's unit of the Northeast Ohio Newspaper Guild, confirmed employees in the advertising, marketing, pre-press, finance, information technology and building services departments were laid off over the phone Tuesday night.

Spector told NewsChannel5 that this is just the first round of job cuts.  He said 58 newsroom employees will be laid off sometime between late July and early August.

Spector said the paper has not the disclosed how many jobs they cut.

"It's a shame they won't say anything.  We're in the business of demanding that other people be transparent, so they should be held to the same standards."

On Thursday, Terry Egger, president and publish of Plain Dealer Publishing Co., released the following statement:

"In September of 2012 we announced that we would begin the process of designing the best business model that would safeguard the future of this enterprise, ensure our leadership in the market, uphold our journalistic standards and continue our mission to serve the Northeast Ohio community for years to come.

"These changes require a redesign of all of our operations and will result in the realignment of our workforce.  These are difficult decisions, but are necessary.  As a result, we have laid off some employees in certain departments and we will go through a similar process later this summer.

"Again, our goal in making these changes remains the same:  to ensure that we are positioned to be a viable business and remain Northeast Ohio's number one source for news and information in the ever-changing media environment.

"We also look forward to sharing some exciting news about our products and our future in the coming weeks as we finalize our plans.

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