New portable speed cameras used in Cleveland neighborhoods, school zones, business districts

CLEVELAND - John Ashton has gotten two tickets since Cleveland installed cameras on poles throughout the city to catch speeders. Now, there are six new portable camera units, too.

"That sounds like a lot of fun," Ashton said.

The portable cameras can be moved from neighborhood to neighborhood wherever they're needed. Safety Director Martin Flask said they'll primarily be located in residential areas, school zones and some business districts to increase safety.

"We've got too many people who view Cleveland streets as anything goes," Flask said.

The cameras will free up six police officers who usually sit at various locations taking pictures of speeders.

"I don't really like the fact that somebody isn't writing me an actual ticket," Ashton said. "It's not a real person whose giving it to me."

But Tymeka Greer, who passed one of the cameras on her way to work Friday in Ohio City, thinks they're a good idea.

"They go through here pretty fast," she said. "And there's no lights to slow people down."

The six mobile units will grow to 15 by the end of the year. If one of them catches you speeding, it'll cost you $100. If you're going really fast, 25 over or more, the price tag jumps to $200.

Although the city made $6 million from speeding tickets last year, it's only one percent of the operating budget. Those numbers have dropped from previous years.

"People are adhering to the laws," Flask said. "People are slowing down and always that's been our goal."

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