Obamacare lessons on how to enroll in the Healthcare exchange held by the Cleveland NAACP

CLEVELAND - The Cleveland branch of the NAACP held an urgent, open enrollment informational session for President Barack Obama's health care law at the University Circle United Methodist Church, trying to address some of the fears and confusion people may have.

There were two people on hand who were helping people sign up for the Affordable Care Act.

"We know that we have to take the information to the community," said Yvonne Oliver of the University Healthcare Action Network. "People have been without healthcare are nervous about what it's going to cost. There is a lot of anxiety about our health," she continued.

NewsChannel5 was told by organizers that in Ohio since  Oct. 1, there have been 24,000 Ohioans who have signed up using the health exchange website. We also learned about 42,000 expressed some interest in the program. This is part of the reason why the Cleveland NAACP says they held the information forum.

David Reaves, a husband and father of two, said he works at a small company and their health insurance is too high.

"It would take my entire check," he said speaking of why he has chosen to go without health coverage.

To get more questions answered on the new changes to the health care law go here - http://5.wews.com/qR49d

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